When Should You Replace Your Home’s Central Air Conditioning System

Our air conditioning professionals get asked this question a lot: When Should You Replace Your Home’s Central Air Conditioning System?

While there isn’t one surefire way to know when your a/c system should be replaced – unless it completely stops working! – there are a number of signs that you should look out for. Your home’s air conditioning system will warn you that it is approaching it’s end date when any combination of the following factors happen.

Signs that your home’s central air system should be replaced:

  • Your energy bill is increasing.
    If your monthly utility bills are beginning to increase this can signify that your system is becoming less and less efficient.
  • The cold air coming out of the system just isn’t as cool as it used to be.
    When some rooms, or all rooms, are warmer than you would like them to be your system may be struggling to keep up.
  • Your central air system has become noisy.
    If your a/c is noisy it is trying to tell you something. Listen to it and have it looked at by a professional.
  • Your HVAC professional is visiting more often…to repair your central air unit!
    Frequent repairs signify a larger problem and a potentially failing system.
  • The central air conditioning unit is 10+ years old.
    Air conditioning systems that are over a decade old are no where near as efficient as today’s models. Keeping up with the repairs, maintenance and utility bills on an older system can quickly become more expensive than replacing the system for a new and improved model.

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