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New and replacement AC systems have long lifespans and are vital to the overall comfort and indoor air quality of your home. This is why it is so important to choose an experienced and reputable contractor for AC installations. At Maffei Services, we don’t just offer air conditioning installation and replacement – we create havens of cool, clean comfort. From the heat of summer to the unexpected hot spells in between seasons, we ensure that you and your loved ones always have a refreshing retreat from the heat.

Why Hire a Professional AC Installer?

AC systems are vital to the overall comfort and indoor air quality of your home. But did you know? Almost half of all HVAC equipment in U.S. homes do not perform to their stated capacity and efficiency levels because they are incorrectly installed. That’s a lot of improper air conditioning installation jobs!

In fact, an improperly sized or installed air conditioner can reduce the equipment’s life expectancy, diminish efficiency, increase energy bills and prevent adequate cooling and dehumidification on the hottest of days. Our AC installers are comfort specialists and will assess your space, needs and budget. We’ll then provide you with appropriate installation options that are ideal for your home.

More Than Just an Installation

Choosing the right air conditioner is more than just picking a model with the right BTU rating. It’s about finding a system that fits your lifestyle, complements your home’s architecture, aligns with your eco-conscious values, and respects your budget. It’s about choosing a unit that will serve you reliably for years to come, offering you a cooling embrace whenever you need it.
1. Consultation and Advice
We begin our journey with a detailed consultation, understanding your needs and assessing your space. Our team will help you navigate the myriad options available, deciphering technical jargon and explaining the pros and cons of different models.
2. Expert Installation

Once we've selected the perfect air conditioner, our team of skilled technicians will install it with meticulous care. We adhere to the highest standards of workmanship, ensuring your unit operates efficiently and seamlessly.

3. Post-Installation Support

After the installation, we're still here for you. We'll guide you through the operation and maintenance of your new air conditioner, answering any questions you may have. Should you ever need any assistance, our support team is just a phone call away.

Types of AC Systems We Replace & Install

At Maffei Services, we’re experienced in installing a full range of air conditioning systems, each with its unique set of benefits. We’re all about pairing the right person with the right air conditioner. Whether you want the power of a central air system, the versatility of a heat pump, or the quiet convenience of a ductless mini-split, we’re here to guide you towards your ideal cooling companion. Rest assured, with us, your comfort is in experienced hands.
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Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners are the kings of cooling, capable of regulating the temperature of your entire home with effortless grace. They are, however, a complex piece of machinery, requiring expert installation to function at their best.
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Ductless Mini-Splits

For homes without ductwork, or for those who prefer a more flexible, energy-efficient cooling solution, ductless mini-split systems are an excellent choice. Our techs are well-versed in these innovative systems, providing expert installation services to ensure optimal performance.
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Heat Pumps

Offering both heating and cooling capabilities, heat pumps are a versatile, energy-efficient solution for year-round comfort. Our team can install a variety of heat pumps, providing you with a versatile climate control solution.

All Industry Leading Manufacturers

At Maffei Services, we understand that the effectiveness of a cooling system is largely contingent on the quality of the equipment. We’re committed to installing AC equipment that combine cutting-edge technology with dependability.
We partner with industry-leading manufacturers and handpick products that embody durability and performance. Our inventory comprises equipment that not only meets, but often exceeds, industry standards.

Signs You Need Professional AC Repairs

When your air conditioning system is working well, it’s easy to forget about it. However, it can’t last forever. Here are some signs that your current air conditioning system may be on its last legs and needs replacement.
Most air conditioning units have a lifespan of about 10-15 years. If your system is within this age range, it’s time to start considering a replacement, especially if you’re experiencing other issues.
If you’ve noticed a steady rise in your energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage, it could be a sign that your AC is losing efficiency and may need replacement.
If you find yourself frequently calling for repairs, it may be more cost-effective to replace the entire system. The cost of continual fixes can quickly add up to more than the price of a new unit.
Are some rooms in your home colder or warmer than others? This could be a sign that your AC is not distributing air evenly and might need replacement.
Unusual noises or smells coming from your air conditioning unit are often indicators of serious problems. If you’re hearing grinding or smelling a burning odor, call a professional right away.
If you’ve noticed a decrease in the system’s airflow or it takes longer than usual to cool down your home, your AC might be struggling to keep up with your cooling needs.
If your system uses R22 refrigerant, which is being phased out due to its environmental impact, consider replacing it. Newer models use more eco-friendly refrigerants.
A well-functioning AC unit should moderate humidity levels and filter dust from the air. If you notice increased humidity or dust, it may indicate that your AC is not working properly.
Remember, it’s always better to consult with a professional before deciding to replace your air conditioner. We can provide an accurate assessment of your system and help you find the best replacement if necessary.

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Craig Davis
Craig Davis
All very informative and helpful working on estimate.
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Miranda Pollard
Great service! Would recommend
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Jim Brophy
This appointment was for an annual service on my new Furnace. Arrived on time, answered any question i had,and completed the service on the Furnace. Tyler also took the time to look at a problem toilet, gave me his thoughts on problem and then provided me a quot to fix. Maffei has generally always done a good job for me.
Jillian Knowles
Jillian Knowles
Tony, Maffei's Comfort Advisor met us at our cold church. He was so careful in checking things out, photographing our failed heating system. And he has gotten back to us in less than a week! Tony and Maffei concluded that Maffei doesn't do this type of project but Tony had several good referrals for us to services that do! Awesome! Thank you!
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Timothy Gillette
Javier was great! He got everything up and running. Thank you!
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Gina Begley
Gas fireplace repair
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James DeCosta
Tony was great to work with. He was very helpful.wiith getting us set up. Zack and Jack worked hard to get a 3 day job done in 2 days. Gator did a great job installing our new gas stove. I highly recommend Maffei Services.
Gina DelliColli
Gina DelliColli
Tony was very professional and knowledgeable.
Peter Sokol
Peter Sokol
Great service and a really hard working seriveman.

What Sets Maffei Apart

With Maffei Services, a cooler, more comfortable future is within your reach. Whether you’re installing a brand-new air conditioner or replacing an old one, we are here to make the process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. When you choose Maffei Services for your air conditioning installation, you’re not just getting a service – you’re getting a promise. A promise of quality, reliability, and integrity.
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We believe in doing things right the first time. That’s why we adhere to the highest industry standards in all our installations, ensuring your air conditioner serves you efficiently and reliably for years to come.


We respect your time. Our team will arrive on schedule, work efficiently, and ensure your space is clean and tidy before we leave. And should you ever need us, we’re just a phone call away.


We believe in transparent, fair pricing. Our quotes are comprehensive, covering all costs upfront. There are no hidden fees, no nasty surprises – just honest, straightforward pricing.

We Offer Financing

Expand your purchasing power. We have partnered with Greensky and Mass Save® HEAT Loan program to provide financing options to help you manage the cost of a new system.
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