DIY A/C Repair Tips

If your air conditioning unit is broken, calling a professional to repair it is always the best option. However, there are rare occasions when the problem you’re experiencing can be something you can easily fix. We’ve put together a list of DIY A/C repair tips you can perform yourself before you call for professional help.

  1. Check your breaker. If your a/c unit will not turn on, it’s possible that your breaker could have tripped. Having a number of appliances and lights on the same breaker will often cause it to trip, causing the air conditioner to not operate. Check your breaker before doing anything else – this can save you money, time and frustration.
  2.  Examine your thermostat. The thermostat is another part of your a/c system that you check yourself before calling the professionals. If your unit is battery operated, it may just need new batteries. Next, check to make sure the thermostat is set for a temperature that is below room temperature. Last, check to make sure that the unit isn’t inadvertently turned off or set to just have the fan blow.
  3. Change your filter. Regularly changing your filter can help prevent air conditioner repairs. A lack of air flow caused by dirty or clogged filters can create a problem with your system’s cooling efficiency. In certain cases, clogged filters can even lead to your unit icing up. Be sure to check and change your filters on a regular basis.
  4. Clean your a/c unit. Your unit may not need a repair – just a good cleaning! Once ensuring the unit is off, you should carefully clean the fan blades on the outside unit and remove any surrounding debris. You may even need to clean the condenser fins as well.

If you’ve gone through and checked these items and are still having issues with your air conditioning unit, it is likely you will need to call in the professionals for a repair. The heating and cooling experts at Maffei Services are available 24/7 to assist you with your air conditioning needs. Call us to book your appointment today!

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