Benefits of Home Heating and Cooling System Replacement

Did you know? More than half of the energy used in an average home goes to heating and cooling costs? As a homeowner, it’s vital to make smart decisions about your home’s HVAC system. HVAC systems have come a long way within the last 10-15 years – you would be amazed at just how much more efficient they have become! We, at Maffei Services, can show you the potential savings you will earn when switching to a new system. Some benefits of home heating and cooling system replacement include:

  • Lower utility costs
  • Comfort control
  • Superior air flow
  • No untimely breakdowns
  • Protection from carbon monoxide
  • Utility rebates
  • Extended warranties
  • Increased resale value

If your home’s heating and cooling system is more than 20 years old, it would be a smart choice to invest in a high-efficiency replacement. A system that is between 10-20 years old should be evaluated by a professional at Maffei Services to determine if a replacement is needed or if some other form of maintenance would be best.

Now is the time to schedule installation of your high-efficiency system, ahead of the winter season when the likelihood of needing emergency heating repairs increases. Call us today to scheduled and appointment with one of our HVAC experts.

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