How To Change Your Heating System’s Filter

Why should I change my home’s heating filter?

Changing your heating system’s filter is an easy way to keep your home’s heating system running more safely and efficiently all season long. In fact, dirty air filters restrict air flow and can make your entire heating system up to 15% less efficient.

How do I change my heating filter? 

Once you have the new filter in hand the task is almost done! Here are 5 easy steps to changing your home’s filter image of replacing home air filteryourself. (If for any reason you are not comfortable replacing your filter please call in a professional HVAC technician for help!)

  1. Turn off the power to your home’s heating system.
    Be sure to turn the power to the system off before attempting to change the filter.
  2. Locate where the filter is.
    It shouldn’t be hard to find where the filter is in your heating unit, but double check the system’s manual if you have any trouble.
  3. Remove the old filter.
    Be careful when you remove the filter – it may be covered with dust, dirt and debris. Having a trash bag with you to put it into will help cut down on the mess!
  4. Slide the new filter in.
    It should go in smoothly. If it doesn’t slide right in contact your home heating company.
  5. Power the system back up!
    Be sure to turn the power back on for the heat to flow efficiently throughout your home.

At Maffei we recommend that you change your filters every 2-3 months. We also include this service in our annual heating and air conditioning tune-ups. Call us or click here to learn more or to schedule service today!

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