10 Signs Your Furnace is Going Out – Part 2

5) Excessive Rust

Rust on your equipment occurs when moisture lingers on the pieces. Moisture enters the cracks and fissures or the relating pipes. This causes rust to form over time. If you see rust that seems to be creeping out from the inside of the furnace, you may have a leak that requires immediate repair. Rust inside the unit itself may indicate that your unit is not sufficiently ventilated, which leads to leaks and wasted energy.

Taking good care of your furnace can prevent the issues that cause rust, but if the first time you check your furnace in years reveals excessive rust on the unit, your furnace may already be critically damaged.

6) Furnace Won’t Turn On, Or is Hard to Turn On

What about a furnace that won’t turn on? First, troubleshoot the thermostat. Make sure your thermostat is powered (some need batteries, which must occasionally be changed) and that the thermostat can effectively turn on/off the blower fan or AC. If the heat still won’t come on, you will need furnace repairs. While power issues can happen independently, a furnace that stops turning on after you have already needed frequent repairs is typically a sign that it’s ability to function is reduced and may soon end.

7) Soot In Your Home

Soot is carbonized material that slowly builds up inside a gas or oil-fueled furnace. A small amount of soot buildup inside is normal, but excessive soot can cause lost heat and lead to other problems. However, your real concerns should begin if you start to notice soot inside the home. If yours is producing so much soot that it is starting to stain your walls gray or coat items in your home, call for repairs and expect bad news about your furnace’s performance.

8) Illness Symptoms or Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarms

Furnaces can also fail in a dangerously invisible way. A furnace that uses gas may develop a gas leak that results in carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a colorless and normally odorless gas that the human body tries (and fails) to breath instead of oxygen. A little carbon monoxide in the air makes people feel fatigued and sick, and a lot can kill through invisible suffocation.

If the family has shown signs of illness, watch out. Check and/or place your carbon monoxide detectors and call for immediate repairs if the detectors go off.

9) Heating Bills Higher Every Winter

When a furnace starts to fail over time, it becomes less efficient. This means you need more power to keep your home warm every year, which really cuts into your utility budget. If your power bill for heating is higher than the year before or seems to be raising year on year, you are probably right. Check the numbers by comparing old bills. This is an indication that your furnace is losing efficiency, which in turn loses you money on every month of heating bills.

10) Your Furnace is Over 10 Years Old

Finally, if your furnace is old enough to attend middle school, it may be time for a new one. Most units are not designed to last more than 10-15 years, so a furnace over 10 years old will likely start to develop ongoing and building problems.

Is your furnace about to go out? If you have noticed one or especially multiple signs, contact us today! Maffei Services is ready to ensure your heating stays on and keeps the family cozy this year and for many winters in the future.

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