Top Signs You Have a Leaky Water Pipe

Pipe leaks are one of the most expensive and difficult-to-spot issues with home and plumbing maintenance. The problem is that not all pipe leaks happen where you can see. A leaky faucet is one thing, but if a pipe springs a leak behind your walls, it can cause extensive damage before you even notice that there is something wrong. At Maffei, we know how big a problem a leaky water pipe can be, and what it takes to repair your home after a leak has wreaked havoc on your home. Let us share the signs of a leaky pipe and how you know when it’s time to call a professional plumber.

Signs of A Leaky Water Pipe

The signs of a leaky pipe will help you to identify if there is a hidden leak in your home and get it fixed before the damage it causes gets any worse.

1. High Water Bill

The first sign of a leaking pipe can be seen in your water meter. If the leaking pipe is an inlet pipe – one that goes between your water main and a faucet or appliance – then you are losing water and paying for it. Whether you notice at the meter or your first water bill comes in too high, this is a sign that your house is using up more water than you are using on purpose – which means that water has to be going somewhere and it’s very likely a leak.

2. Mold or Mildew on Walls

When a pipe leaks, the water saturates nearby surfaces, and mold loves saturated drywall. If the water soaks your walls, you may soon see signs of mold or the smell of mildew on the walls themselves. This can look like growing circles, speckles, or dark spots on the walls. Mold can be black, gray, brown, yellow, green, orange, white, or any two of these colors at once.

Do not go near or disturb the mold. Mold spores can be extremely dangerous in high densities and can cause long-term health issues after extended or high-concentration exposure.

3. Stained, Damaged, or Sagging Walls, Ceilings, and Flooring

You can also detect a leak by spotting signs of water damage anywhere in the house. If your ceiling starts to sag or the paint forms a dripping bubble, this is a sign of a leak from above. If paint starts to peel or the walls look stained, there is water behind the wall. If your floor starts to feel soft, or if wood boards start to buckle into each other like tectonic plates, the water is pooling at ground level, perhaps below the visible layer of the floor.

4. Musty Smell

The last sign is the most subtle: the smell of mold. Mold and mildew gives off a distinctly sour earthy smell that you will recognize as the smell of wet laundry that sits in the washer, gym bag, or beach bag for too long. If you smell that from your walls, floors, or ceiling, then there is very likely a leak creating moisture that the mold lives on in hidden spaces.

Fix Leaky Pipes with Maffei Services

At Maffei Services, we want to make sure that homes throughout Essex County, MA, and southern NH are safe from the short and long-term damage that can be done by a leaking pipe. Catching the leak early is key to minimizing that damage, while quick repairs can allow you to start on water damage restoration and mold removal as soon as possible. Contact us today if you have reason to believe there is a leaky pipe in your home.

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