Sewer Line Repair And Replacement

The plumbing professionals at Maffei Services specialize in sewer line repairs and replacements. From repairing cracks, to clearing intrusive tree roots, and replacing old & worn out sewer lines, our sewer line experts will have your home back to free-flowing in no time at all.

Your home’s sewer line is an integral part of its overall plumbing system. Without a clear route for used water to flow out of your home, anything from minor clogs to major backups can occur. And, calling a plumber at the first sign of a potential problem will save you from a BIG headache and a potentially BIG expense.

Sewer Line Repairs

Numerous issues can lead to the need for a sewer line repair, including:

  • invasive tree roots
  • cracked pipes
  • corroded pipes
  • clogs
  • grease build-up
  • leaks in the line

Our plumbing experts are highly trained on sewer line services, and are equipped with the very best tools and technology to make clearing your line as easy as possible.

Invasive Tree Roots

We have invested in specialist tree root training and equipment, including video inspection cameras and rooter machines, that allow our experienced technicians to remove even the most stubborn of invasive tree roots from your drains and sewers and help prevent them returning.

Sewer Line Replacement

When a sewer line begins to crumble, and has gone beyond repair, our plumbing experts can replace your line for you. And, with many older homes in the area, this is a project that has to be performed more often than you would think. But, our team is ready to make the replacement as easy as possible, leaving you with a free-flowing plumbing system.

Sewer line issues? Give us a call or schedule service online today. We will come out to your home, pinpoint the sewer line problem and repair it right away. And call us with confidence. All of our sewer line services are backed with a satisfaction guaranee. Your job is not complete until you are happy with the work!

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