What To Do If the Heat Goes Out?

As the winter months approach, the thought of your home’s heating system malfunctioning can be a cause for concern. A sudden loss of heat in your home during New England’s cold weather can not only be uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. Whether it’s a furnace failure, a power outage, or any other reason, knowing what to do if the heat goes out is essential for your safety and comfort. Maffei Services provides you with some guidance to navigate this situation and stay warm until the heat is restored.

Check the Thermostat

The first step when you notice that the heat has gone out is to check your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to the desired temperature and functioning correctly. Sometimes, a simple adjustment or a battery replacement in a programmable thermostat can solve the problem.

Inspect for Power Outages

If your thermostat appears to be functioning correctly but the heat is still not working, check if there’s a power outage in your area. Often, power outages can disrupt heating systems, especially if you have an electric furnace or heat pump. Contact your utility company to get information on the status of the power outage and an estimated time for restoration.

Verify Fuel Supply

For homes with gas or oil heating systems, ensure that the fuel supply is not the issue. Check the fuel gauge on your tank to see if it’s empty or low. If you suspect a fuel shortage, contact your fuel supplier to schedule a delivery.

Reset the System

If your heating system has a reset button, try resetting it. Sometimes, a minor glitch or safety mechanism may have caused the system to shut down. Refer to your heating system’s manual or contact a professional for guidance on resetting it safely.

Inspect Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Check your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box to ensure that the heating system’s circuit is not tripped or blown. If it is, reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. Be cautious when working with electrical systems, and if you’re unsure, contact an electrician.

Contact the Professionals at Maffei Services

Experiencing a loss of heat during the cold winter months can be challenging, but knowing what to do when the heat goes out can help you stay safe and warm until the issue is resolved. If you’ve tried the above steps and your heating system remains non-functional, it’s time to call the professional HVAC technicians at Maffei Services. Attempting to repair the system yourself may lead to further damage or safety hazards. A trained technician can diagnose the issue, perform necessary repairs, and restore your heating system safely.

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