The Importance of Your Annual Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Summer is almost here! If you would like to stay cool and relaxed in your home this upcoming season, keeping your a/c unit tuned is important!

A tune-up of your home’s a/c system can extend its life by several years. It can also help you save up to 15% per month on home energy bills. These facts, alone, will more than pay for the cost of your yearly maintenance expense. Plus, the tune-up visit will help you find any number of small problems before they become larger or most expensive ones.

Think of your annual air conditioning tune-up like maintaining a car. Changing the oil and rotating the tires definitely helps extend the life and shape of your car. Your air conditioning system is no different! Buying a new a/c unit is an investment. Statistics show that a maintained unit can last up to 15 years, compared to 7 years for a unit that isn’t serviced. Unserviced units can also lose up to 5% of their efficiency each year.

Maffei Services recommends that you hire a licensed professional to service and maintain your home’s a/c unit. When you need rapid and reliable a/c service for your home in Northeastern Massachusetts, you can rely on the expertise and professionalism provided by the team at Maffei Sudden Service.

Spring is the perfect time to get your unit tuned, ahead of the summer heat. For more information or to schedule your air conditioning tune-up, contact our office today!

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