Regular Preventative Maintenance For Your Plumbing and Heating Pays Dividends

This new year, make a renewed commitment to the ongoing care of your home. Regular preventative maintenance of your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems is a great area to invest in. Not only will this help to keep your home safe and comfortable for you and your family, but it could very well pay for itself by preventing costly repairs or replacements down the road. Regular maintenance of plumbing fixtures such as faucets, toilets, showers, sinks, pipes and water heaters can help prevent leaks which can lead to major damage if left unchecked. Likewise with HVAC systems – inspecting air filters regularly helps maintain good indoor air quality while also helping reduce energy costs over time.

It Ensures Your Systems Are In Good Working Order

The number one rule of plumbing and HVAC systems is that you won’t truly miss them until they’re no longer working. Malfunctions at particularly inopportune times can ruin your whole week. If your heating goes out during a snowstorm, or your garbage disposal springs a leak right before a big house party, you may not be able to get your heating or plumbing fixed when you need them the most. Drafting and adhering to a routine maintenance plan will ensure that your home’s appliances are reliable 365 days a year. Maffei is proud to offer service maintenance plans that will give homeowners peace of mind that their plumbing and HVAC systems will hum along without unexpected surprises.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Regular maintenance of plumbing and HVAC systems saves homeowners money in the long run by preventing costly repairs. When these systems are well-maintained, they are much less likely to malfunction or break down unexpectedly. The cost of a burst pipe will undoubtedly be more than the pipe itself — if water spills onto wood furniture or floors, for example, it could warp the material and create a far more expensive problem.

Keeps Your Systems Running Efficiently

Regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance is a critical step for homeowners who want to save money in the long run. Not only does regular maintenance prevent costly repairs, but it can also help you avoid energy waste. The U.S. Department of Energy indicates that nearly half of all home energy costs are related to heating and cooling systems, which makes them the most expensive portions of your home energy bill. Regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance ensures that your system is running as efficiently as possible by ensuring filters are regularly changed, checking for air leaks or improper insulation, testing thermostat settings, and more. Additionally, plumbing fixtures should be inspected on a regular basis so any potential problems can be identified before they become major issues that require costly replacements or repairs. By regularly maintaining these systems, homeowners can not only prevent expensive repairs down the line, but enjoy lower monthly utility bills due to increased efficiency.

Your Home Will Be Healthier

Regular plumbing and HVAC maintenance not only prevents costly repairs and improves energy efficiency, but it also reduces the risk of contaminants in your home. Poorly maintained plumbing systems can lead to the accumulation of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other pollutants that can impact air quality and potentially cause respiratory issues. Also, plumbing systems that are not regularly serviced can suffer from blocked drains, allowing wastewater to back up into the plumbing system, leading to further contamination. Regular maintenance helps eliminate these potential risks by ensuring that plumbing fixtures are regularly inspected and cleaned, filters are changed regularly, plumbing systems are adequately drained before winter months arrive and after heavy rainfall events occur during warmer months, vents are examined for any blockages or build-up of dust or dirt which could obstruct air flow through the vents. Additionally, having a professional inspect the heating system regularly can help identify any underlying issues that could become more serious if left unchecked. With proper plumbing and HVAC maintenance in place, homeowners can be sure that their home is free from contaminants which could negatively affect their family’s health.


Preventative maintenance of plumbing and HVAC systems is essential for homeowners who want to keep their home healthy and ensure that costly repairs are avoided. A Maffei Service Plan provides outstanding value through priority service calls, discounted labor, and the peace of mind that routine services and preventative maintenance such as air conditioner tuneups and plumbing inspections are taken care of. Contact Maffei to learn more about service plan options for your home in Essex County, MA and sign up today!

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