Have You Considered the Benefits of a Rain Shower Head?

There are many modern ways to upgrade your bathroom with luxury features and new fixtures. You can bring music and lights into the bathroom with smart home devices, install a heated floor under your tile, or bring the relaxation of natural rainfall into your shower. A rain shower head is a wonderful addition to any bathroom design, whether you have a large shower enclosure or a smaller space you would like to transform into a spa-like experience in your own home.

Each rain shower features a wide head that drops water naturally from above, giving you the beautiful sensation of standing in warm rainfall instead of the hard angled spray of a traditional shower head. Of course, there are many unique benefits to a rain shower head addition to your space that you may have yet to consider.

Benefits of Rain Shower Head

1. Stylish Design

Rain shower heads are strikingly stylish when replacing your old shower head in any space. Most are an elegant polished silver in color, but you can choose from other finishes to match the style of your bathroom. The broad overhead design can be piped in from the top center of your shower or you can replace your old shower head with an adjustable arm and even simpler installation process. Not only is it enjoyable, but the rain showerhead is the perfect accent to make your bathroom look and feel special as you deviate from the traditional look.

2. Full Even Coverage

Angled shower heads often hit only some of your body at any one time, which can leave you chilly on cold days and wishing for more. Witha rain shower head, you can enjoy being enveloped fully in a steady rainfall of hot water over your head, shoulders, and body. This is particularly useful for those who need full and even water coverage to wash full-bodied hair or to help you better relax after a long day.

3. Relaxing Spa Like Experience

Of course, relaxing is the single best benefit of a rain shower head. Many seek out this shower head design for its spa-like qualities – offering a truly mesmerizing gentle flow of water that will help the stress roll of your shoulders with every raindrop from above. You may have even encountered a rain shower head before in a luxury hotel or spa, and have been longing for that exquisitely peaceful shower experience since.

4. Saves Water

What’s even better than a beautiful and relaxing shower is the knowledge that you are saving water. Rain shower heads help to spread out the water that you enjoy for each shower, so that you actually need less water per second to feel amazing and to finish your bathing ritual each morning or evening. This makes rain shower heads more water conservative than most, which can be an equally wonderful feeling and make your long showers under the warm rainfall nozzle guilt-free.

5. Easy Maintenance

Lastly, rain shower heads are remarkably easy to maintain. Simply wipe down the polished surface and the many little nozzles with a little white vinegar on a cloth. The vinegar will polish and brighten your shower head while also ensuring that each nozzle stays clear even if your home’s water is a little on the hard side.

Discover Rain Showers with Maffei Services

If you are thinking about updating your bathroom with a few wonderfully luxurious features like a rainfall shower, Maffei Services would be delighted to assist. Our expert plumbing teams are ready to help you choose and install the perfect additions to your bathroom design. Contact us today and let us create the elegant home spa experience that you deserve.

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