5 Top Reasons Why Your AC Stinks

Having a functional air conditioner should be a priority in summer. On a hot day, all you want is to get back in the house and enjoy the cool air. Temperatures can get as high as 86.5 degrees during summer in Massachusetts. Yet your dream to have a relaxed environment can die if your AC stinks.

If you find a bad smell from an AC, you want to know why it exists and how to fix it. Read on to see what can cause various smells in your AC and how to solve the problems.

When Your AC Smells like Rotten Eggs

Small insects and animals find the AC a convenient place to hide. Some insects and animals fail to leave to escape the AC leading to their death after some time. The smell of rotten eggs comes from the dead insects or animals trapped in the air conditioner. Leaving dead animals or insects in your AC for a long time can damage the system leading to loss.

If you realize your AC smells like rotten eggs, open it and remove the dead creatures. Clean the air conditioner using sterilizing chemicals to prevent the spread of disease or germs.

When Your AC Smells like Skunk

A gas leakage on your air conditioner can lead to a skunk smell in the house. The gas in your AC system has a smell that makes a leak detectable. Natural gas in your AC is flammable, which can increase the risk of explosion or fire.

Ensure you fix the gas leak fast to deter accidents from it. Turn off your gas supply so that no gas enters the AC unit. Next, contact an AC professional who can repair the issue.

When Your AC Smells like Burning Plastic

An AC that smells like burning plastics points to an electrical problem in the AC unit. Some wires in the AC systems may have a short-circuit. If you ignore the issue, your AC unit might damage or lead to a fire in the house.

When you realize the burning smell, switch off the AC system to avoid further damage. Since trying to repair an electrical system is dangerous, consider asking for help from AC professionals. AC services can detect and fix the issue quickly, saving you from losing the AC unit.

When Your AC Smells Moldy

Water droplets in the AC’s drainage system may be the course of the moldy stench. Air conditioners remove the hot air and distribute cool air in rooms. Some water droplets remain in the AC unit during the process of condensation. If the drainage system of the AC is faulty, the water droplets cause mold growth.

Cleaning the AC drainage system and air ducts can remove the stench. Also, you should consider fixing any damage to the drainage system to prevent mold problems.

When Your AC Smells Like Exhaust

An exhaust-like stench can come from leaking coolant in the AC system. AC units have a coolant that cools passing air and condenses water in the humid air. If the coolant leaks, a smell like that of exhaust gases from a car comes from the AC.

Coolant leaks can endanger the health of anyone breathing the fumes. Do not think of handling the coolant leak yourself since you may worsen the problem. The solution is to call AC professionals who can fix the issue fast.

Bottom Line

The AC system can produce a bad smell because of various problems. Once you have detected the issue causing the stench, you should fix it fast. It is best to work with AC services since they have the necessary experience to fix such problems.

At Maffei Services, we offer round-the-clock emergency AC services in Rowley, Essex County, and Southern NH. Also, we offer plumbing, water heater, drain cleaning, and heating services. Contact us to get a quote on the service you need.

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