Get Affordable Electricity With Maffei!

Did you know that the most expensive utility bill for homeowners in the US in their electric bill*?

We are here to fix that! Maffei Services is proud to offer Massachusetts residents affordable electricity for their homes and businesses. Through our partnership with Ambit Energy and National Grid we can offer you immediate savings of 15-20% off of your electric bill – every month! All without any hassle and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Save In 1 FREE & Easy Step!

image of lightbulbTo get started, give us a call with a copy of your home’s electricity bill handy. We’ll process the change of where your electricity originates from to Ambit Energy, and NOTHING will change with your service (except the cost!). National Grid will continue to deliver your electricity, read your meter, send your bill, and make necessary repairs. You’ll continue to pay National Grid as you always have, just at a much lower rate!

We are so confident that your switch will be seamless that Ambit backs it with a satisfaction guarantee – if you experience any issues or are in any way dissatisfied with the process they will pay for your first month of service!

It Doesn’t Stop At Saving 15-20% Off Electricity Every Month

Ambit Energy is the world’s largest direct seller of energy for a reason. They provide great service AND great rewards to their customers. Switch to Ambit for your home’s electricity and take advantage of rewards, including:

  • Free energy – you’ll earn free energy by referring friends & family members to save on their electric bills
  • Welcome gift – each new customer receives a complimentary 2-night hotel stay at one or more than 60 destinations across the country
  • Travel points – your monthly electrical usage will earn you points towards future travel

Contact us today and start saving!


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